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(AKA Gabrielle St. Charles)

"What I wish about books, is that I could call the author when it's over and ask what happened next."


This is a workbook designed to be read as you do exercises, creating a foundation for recovery.

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Released Dec. 11, 2017-The MASTER Plan:
SOARING Free of Anxiety.
If you are living a life riddled with anxiety, panic, social phobia, OCD, PTSD, fears and depression, this  workbook can help you reach full recovery.  YOU are your own cure. You are NOT alone.

I lived with agoraphobia, panic and anxiety for 29 years.  It's amazing how I used my writing to keep me alive, but last year, I decided I didn't want to live like this any longer.  I had tried everything I could find, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on therapy, medication, holistic healing, program after program, and finally realized what the missing piece was.  I wrote this workbook as I used it to recover from livng a life of hell.  Sliding into the dark vortex of depression, losing nearly everything I loved.  You can have a life free of debilitating anxiety ... 

NEW RELEASES:      may 2017

RED ROVER-Psychological Thriller.  
-a female serial killer, KARMA preys upon men having incestuous relations with their daughter.  Befriending mom, she sets them both up, kills dad and mom gets convicted, killing two birds with one stone.

-Elaine Justice's life changes when she is accused of killing her husband.  When it's all said and done, she sticks a pin in the map and starts life anew.

-Hot, steamy, sexy, passionate ... The best lesbian romance by Gabrielle St. Charles yet.

About Me
I've been writing professionally for 22 years.  It's time I get it right!
Some of my favorite things:
  • daydreaming
  • shopping
  • kids 
  • playing guitar
  • ​tanning
My books are rich and entertaining.  I have great readers and in order to keep them happy, I work like a dog to get new books out. 

Check out my narrated audio books.  I narrated myself ... boy, was there a learning curve in that task.

Be blessed, my friend.