Michelle LeFort
I used to co-host a radio program and my introduction was very succinct:  I am the single, lesbian mother of a black adopted child living in Kansas.  I think that says it all.  I have two undergraduate degrees (Management and Bible Studies/Ethics), my Masters of Business Adminstration, and I started my PhD in Organizational Behavior.

I suffer from a panic and anxiety disorder and I started writing to distract myself.  Let's just say it paid off in the end.  I've been very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn my craft and hone it to an art.  I can tell a story and love to do it.

I write movies, books and used to write a column for three years called DEAR GABBY.  If you have read my stuff, you know my style, if not, you need to.

I'll be the next James Patterson, only I will write my own books.  He's masterful in his art and I look to him as a hero in this industry.   Let's get to reading.  BUY YOUR FIRST BOOK!!!

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"A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age."