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I penned under the name Gabrielle St. Charles for years, writing lesbian romance novels and the DEAR GABBY column.   Th ese books can be purchased in paperback at  and also in KINDLE e-book
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  1. The Price of a Kiss
    Chantal reed, successful lesbian romance author, has a ‘rags to riches’ story. Growing up in Oklahoma, she knows what the true meaning of ‘dirt poor’ means, red dirt poor. She meets Claire Stevens; the epitome of riches to rags strikes her when the price she pays for her relationship takes its toll on her family life. This novel portrays the invocation of acceptance of their alternative lifestyle. Flavored with excellent direction and breath-taking love scenes, Gabrielle steers the reader through a series of sub-plots that leave the haunting revelation, the true price of a kiss. Psychotic ex lovers, abusive parents, the armed forces, best friends, marches for civil rights, a homeless shelter, renewing life interests, taking charge of ones own existence, being independent and fulfilled … this novel has it all. The characters are deeply rooted and worthy of attention. The detail leads you through in fluid motion. Gabrielle definitely was in ‘flow’ with this one.
  2. Surrender
    Maria Sanchez and Shane McAllister meet and have a torrid love affair. Their affair is hidden, sneaking moments and phone calls when possible until the inevitable. Travel through this sensuous and riveting story of two women in love, who find out what it really takes to make forever a reality.
  3. Something After Misfortune
    Abigail Mitchell, content with the stainless steel walls she's built, is oblivious to the world around her. When she accepts Sam's invitation to dinner, she is left standing, sitting, wondering and bewildered at each turn. How could Abby have missed the signals for so long, thinking Sam was straight? An intense romance filled with seduction, intrigue and action. Abby walks through her inner struggles and finds that finally her misfortune is over. Or is it? Seduction and passion melt away the walls that surround Samantha and Abby and their lives begin to meld together. Once shy and contained, Abby opens up to the thought of love. Can she say the words? Can she be what Samantha needs in a relationship? Something After Misfortune is so many things rolled into one package that will knock your socks off.
  4. Inamorata: An Anthology
    The inamorata is a series of short, romantic, erotic stories that will leave you wanting more. Celebrating the strength and success of women and the battle of love, the stories each have a woven series of issues that the characters overcome. Done in her usual flare, Gabrielle writes in a way that the issues stand far behind the sexuality and sensuality of the work. Katherine V. Forrest offered story advice on The Mirage, a story of a woman's quest to overcome her battle with her own inner prejudice. Touching a woman missing a limb couldn't be any different than standing by her friend when she lost both an arm and a leg? Gabrielle St. Charles touches our hearts and stirs our minds intensely evoking response in each story.
  5. Whispering Thunder
    Whispering thunder is just as impacting as its title. Deceit, transition, magnanimous suffering, intensity and passion surround the characters that Gabrielle St. Charles brings to life again from other work (Surrender, Something After Misfortune, Georgia Storm and Indigo Blue). As Shane McAllister puts together a Board of Directors for her new women’s clinic, little does she know that she will be caught up in the whirlwind created by the only character not seen in Gabrielle’s former work. Joey Cooper is unabashedly the most deceiving, lying, cheating, conniving bitch and wreaks havoc among the board and anyone that gets near it.

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