This workbook is organized and fashioned in a manner consistent with ease and access. 32 exercises with full explanation and motivational charge help a client to move through panic and anxiety, to understand the derivation, and to accept the facts leading them to reconditioning their brain, just as PAVLOV's Theory of Classical Conditioning. He took a conditioned response and re-conditioned it to association. Panic and Anxiety every day can break the strongest person. Over 40 million sufferers exist in the US at any given moment, dreading each day, wanting their lives to end, feeling less than human, terrorized by their own response to bodily sensations and negative thoughts. This is not a mental illness, this is a conditioned response to a triggered pattern. When looked at properly and explained to the client, they begin to realize that they start reacting different immediately and are offered the smallest glimpse of hope, building on that foundation until they fully recover. Suffering 29 long, hard, terrorized, year, the author walks the reader through her own story, lending understanding and empathy and motivating the reader to move forward one small step at a time. She explains each physical sensation and how the negative thoughts process through the conscious brain to the subconscious and how the instinctive area of the brain reacts in a mode of protection. Building upon that physical feature, she uses CBT, ACT, Exposure Therapy, Mindfulness Training and Blue Light Healing as part of a plan that builds confidence, brings about a healthy lifestyle, motivates, heals and helps. There is no guesswork in how to use the program and a FACEBOOK Support Group helps provide assistance with videos, live posts, help from others working the same program bringing the whole challenge from hopeless and helpless, how the reader has felt, to hopeful and confident and recovered.

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